30th Panhellenic Conference on Solid-State Physics and Materials Science September 21-24, 2014, Heraklion, Crete
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Important Dates:

Abstract Submission:
until June 21st, 2014.

Registration at reduced rate:
until Aug. 14th, 2014.


Keynote speakers:

Javier Garcia de Abajo
Peter Fischer
Leeor Kronik
Maria Omastova
Lars Samuelson

Invited speakers:

Makis Angelakeris
Athanasios Dimoulas
Iosif Galanakis
Thomas Kehagias
Christina Lekka
Konstantinos Papagelis
Stergios Pispas
Anastasios Tasiopoulos

Organizing committee:

N. T. Pelekanos (chair)
N. Katsarakis
G. Kopidakis
A. Lappas
I. Perakis
I. N. Remediakis
M. Vamvakaki

Program and abstracts

Conference Program.
Book of Abstracs.

About the Conference

The 30th Pan-hellenic conference on Solid-State Physics and Materials Science will be held from the 21st to the 24th of September, 2014 at the premises of the Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas at Heraklion, Crete.

The Pan-Hellenic Conference on Solid-State Physics and Materials Science is an annual conference aimed to bring together all researchers in Greece and Cyprus who are working in this field. Previous conferences were held in Athens, Patras, Limassol, Ioannina, Thessaloniki and Heraklion; the first conference of the series was organized in Thessaloniki in 1982.

We welcome contributions in any subfield of Solid-State Physics and Materials science, such as (but not limited to) Biophysics, Ceramics, Colloids, Computational/Theoretical Materials Science, Computational Physics, Carbononics, Energy, Low-dimensional materials, Magnetic Materials, Mechanics, Micro- and Nanoelectronics, Nanoscience, Nanotechnology, Non-linear Physics, Spintronics, Superconductivity, Surface Science, Optoelectronics, Photonics, Plasmonics, Polymers, Quantum science, Semiconductors, Solid-state Chemistry.

The organizing committee of the conference includes Drs. N. T. Pelekanos (chair), N. Katsarakis, G. Kopidakis, A. Lappas, I. Perakis, I. N. Remediakis and M. Vamvakaki.

The Conference is sponsored by the University of Crete, the Institute for Electronic Structure and Laser of FORTH and the Technological Educational Institute of Crete.


Registration fee is 120 euros (50 euros for students) if paid before August 14. Late registration fee will be 150 euros (65 euros for students).

Preferred registration method is via bank transfer to the following account:
Bank: Piraeus Bank, Science & Tech. Park of Crete, Voutes, Heraklion, Crete Branch.
Account No: 5751-015-322-326.
GR 880172 7510 0057 5101 5322 326
Beneficiary: Mitos S.A.
Please don't forget to state your surname and "solid state physics" on the bank transaction receipt and send a copy to Mrs. Maria Fasoulaki (maria@mitos.com.gr) by email or by fax to +30 2810 391915. In the same message, please specify (a) if you plan to participate in the conference dinner (no extra charge). (b) if the receipt should be issued in your name or in the name of your Institution. In any case, please submit the following details: 1) full name 2) affiliation (for the conference name tag) 3) address 4) greek tax id (ΑΦΜ) 5) invoice type (απόδειξη/τιμολόγιο). Please contact Mrs. Fasoulaki if you wish to pay by credit card or if you have any questions about registration.

Abstracts should take at most one A4 page. Please one of the following templates: LaTeX, OpenOffice, DOC, DOC 2, pdf.

Abstracts should be sent by email (preferably in pdf format) to fsk30@materials.uoc.gr. Files should be named name_a_b.pdf where "name" is the last name of the presenting author, "b" should be "p" for poster presentation or "o" for oral presentation. Due to program limitations, it is possible that some abstracts marked with an "o" by the authors might be changed to "p" by the Committee. Code "a" in the abstract name should be one of the following numbers:

  1. Photonics and optoelectronics.
  2. Structural-dynamical and mechanical properties of condensed matter.
  3. Strongly correlated electronic systems, magnetism and superconductivity.
  4. Surfaces, nanomaterials, and low-dimensional systems.
  5. Polymers, organic materials, biomaterials.
  6. Ceramics, composites, minerals and metals.
  7. Interdisciplinary applications.
Abstract submission is now closed. Exceptionally, few high-quality last-minute poster requests might be accepted provided that there is room in the poster session.


The program includes keynote talks (K, 40 min), invited talks (I, 25 min), contributed talks (15 min) and posters (max A0 portrait). All presentations will be in English.

The program booklet can be downloaded here.

The Book of Abstracs (large file, ca. 12 MB) includes all accepted abstracts in alphabetical order according to the last name of the presenting author, sorted by type of presentation (oral/poster). Furthermore, posters are sorted according to topics (see section Registration).

All talks will be at the main amphitheater of FORTH. Posters will be on the first floor corridor of FORTH. Cofee, lunch and evening drinks will be server at the same area and will be free of charge for registered participants. Program with names of presenting authors and links to the abstracts is as follows:

16:00 Registration
17:30 S. H. Anastasiadis, director of IESL/FORTH.
17:35 N. T. Pelekanos, Conference chairman.
17:40 Samuelson (K)
18:20 Kronik (K)

Photonics/Plasmonics Graphene and beyondBiomaterials
09:00 Abajo (K) 09:00 Dimoulas (I) 09:00 Pispas (I)
09:40 Almpanis09:25 Papagelis (I)09:25 Manouras
09:55 Droulias09:50 Lidorikis 09:40 Daskalaki
10:10 Kandyla10:05 Economopoulos 09:55 Bakandritsos
10:25 Tserkezis 10:20 Paradisanos 10:10 Papaphilippou
10:40 Kabouraki 10:35 Maniadaki 10:25 Siafaka
10:55 Kenanakis 10:50 Michail 10:40 Lambropoulos
11:10 Coffee 11:05 Coffee10:55 Coffee
Nanomaterials OptoelectronicsNanocomposites
11:40 Couris11:35 Kehagias (I) 11:25 Omastova (K)
11:55 Fyta 12:00 Angeli
12:10 Fthenakis12:15 Melissinaki 12:05 Gegitsidis
12:25 Chatzakis12:30 Eftychis 12:20 Androulaki
12:40 Leontiou12:45 Papadomanolaki 12:35 Rissanou
12:55 Florini13:00 Moratis 12:50 Kapetanakis
13:10 Lunch 13:15 Lunch13:05 Lunch
Strongly Correlated I Composite materialsHSSTCM workshop
14:30 Fischer (K)14:35 Lekka (I)14:30 Workshop
15:10 Angelakeris (I)15:00 Papadogiannis
15:35 Brintakis15:15 Vekinis
15:50 Gjoka15:30 Balliou
16:05 Litsardakis15:45 Hadjisavvas
16:20 Coffee 16:00 Coffee
Strongly Correlated II Surface science
16:40 Tasiopoulos (I)16:30 Tritsaris
16:45 Klontzas
17:05 Galanakis (I)17:00 Kostoglou
17:15 Loukakos
17:30 Kavoulakis17:30 Hourdakis
17:45 Bessas17:45 Panagopoulou
18:00 Speliotis18:00 Karageorgopoulos
18:15 Poster Session 1 18:15 Poster Session 2
        (Posters 1 to 72)         (Posters 73 and up)
21:00 Conference Dinner

Lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks are provided free of charge to all registered participants.

Abstracts of accepted posters (please see the Conference Program or the Book of Abstracs for poster numbers): Alexaki Alexandri Alexandris Anastasopoulos Andrikaki Androulaki Angelopoulou Antonaropoulos Arvanitidis Asimakopoulos Avgeropoulos Avgouropoulos Aza Bairamis Balliou2 Bessas2 Biniskos Botzakaki Boutsioukou Chousidis Christofilos Davelou Delikoukos Falireas Flouraki Fountoulakis Frysali2 Frysali3 Frysali Galanakis Galata Gavalas Georgakopoulos Georgalas Georgopoulou Germanis2 Germanis Gherca Giakoumaki Giannopoulos2 Giannopoulos Gkanatsiou2 Gkanatsiou Gkrana Gryparis Ioannidou Jayaprakash Kaidatzis Kaliva Kandyla Karagiannis Karakostas Kavouras Kazazis Kechrakos Kehagias Kolozoff Komninou Kotsina Kotzabasaki Koufakis Koukoula2 Koukoula Krasanakis Lazaridou Liaros Lotsari Loukakos Louloudakis Makridis Manouras2 Manousidaki Mantela Marinou Mathioudakis2 Mathioudakis Mavidis Mavrikakis Michail Michalak Michelakaki Moratis Mygdali Myrovali Nika Orfanou Papadimitropoulos Papadopoulos Papagiannouli Papamichail Papananou Papaphilippou Papazoglou Papazoglou2 Papazoglou3 Paragkamian Patsidis Patsiouras Paxinou Petrakis Polymeris Polyzos Polyzos2 Power Psarras Psifis Rousalis Sakkopoulos Saltas2 Saltas Samartzis Senis Seremetis Sigelou Skoufaris Spanopoulos Sta2 Sta Stergiannakos Stimoniaris1 Stimoniaris2 Sygletou Talarou Tamiolakis_G Tamiolakis_I Tasolamprou Terzakis Theodosiou Tiflidou Tomara Triantou Tsagkarakis Tsibidis Tsolakis Tsouti Tzagkarakis Tzeli Varitis Vasilaki Vasilakis Velasco Vrionis Xanthopoulou2 Xanthopoulou Xomalis Xydias

Poster awards

A prize is given to the best two student poster presentations from each poster session. The award consists of a certificate and a book sponsored by the Crete University Press. The posters will be reviewed by the award committee.

Satellite workshop

As part of the Conference, a brief mentoring workshop on "Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship" will take place on Wednesday, Sep 24, afternoon. The workshop is organized by the Hellenic Society for the Science and Technology of the Condensed Matter (HSSTCM); the main presentation will be given by Dr. G. Vekinis. If you are interested to participate in this workshop, please register by emailing HSSTCM.

Practical Information

The conference will take place at the main building of the Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas (FORTH), which is located about 8 km southwest of Heraklion, close to the village of Voutes, the University of Crete and the University Hospital. Check here for information on how to reach FORTH.

Information for presenters of oral contributions

  1. We prefer that you use the computer of the amphitheater for your presentation. Please transfer your pdf or powerpoint file to the computer at least ten minutes before the beginning of the session.
  2. If you would like to use your own computer, it might be a good idea to check that your computer connects properly to the projector before the session begins.
  3. Technical assistance will be available before the beginning of each session.
  4. Please make sure that you conclude your talk early enough so that there is room for questions and discussion within your time slot.

Information for presenters of poster contributions

  1. Please find the number of your poster by looking at the program.
  2. Authors with poster numbers 1 to 72, please place your poster on Sunday afternoon on the board with the same number. Please remove your poster by Monday evening.
  3. Authors with poster numbers 73 and higher, please place your poster on Tuesday morning on the board with the same number. Please remove your poster by Wednesday noon.

The hotels shown in this page offer discounts for visitors of the University (the prices might have changed as this page was created three years ago). Please check also popular hotel reservation sites such as booking.com, tripadvisor.com or all-hotels.gr.

Heraklion airport has direct connections to most major European cities during the summer; see, for example, here. Minoan and ANEK ferries usually depart from Pireaus in the evening and arrive in Heraklion early in the morning the next day. Crete can also be reached through Chania airport or harbour, located 150 km west of Heraklion (2 to 3 hours by bus depending on route and traffic).

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


University of Crete  Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser of the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (IESL-FORTH) University of Crete American Elements: global manufacturer of graphene, nanocomposites,
biomaterials, optoelectronics & photonics advanced materials for surface
science applications Crete University Press
30th Panhellenic Conference on Solid-State Physics and Materials Science, Heraklion, Crete, September 21-24, 2014